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Carol Foster, MD Vertigo Treatment. Best explanation for why we get Vertigo and how to treat it. If you've ever woken up with Vertigo you know how bad it is. I have it right now. Ugh!

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vertigo maneuver epley | ... for Benign Positional Vertigo: Half Somersault versus Epley Maneuver

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Herbal Cures for Vertigo: Using Ginger and Other Remedies

It is reported that ginger is a far better alternative in treating vertigo than acupuncture, according to the March 2006 issue of The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. National Institutes of Health further validates this claim—powdered ginger root significantly reduces vertigo. Ginger is a great culinary spice—add sliced ginger to stir-fry, add grated ginger to desserts, cookies , soups or marinades. Make ginger tea by steeping freshly sliced ginger to stir-fry.

Home exercises for vertigo sufferers... or... how to make you dizzier!

Home exercises for vertigo sufferers... or... how to make you dizzier!

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Self-Ear Adjustment / Relief of Sinusitis, Congestion, Tinnitis, Vertigo, & Headaches - Dr Mandell - YouTube

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Vertigo Relief 10ml Rollerball

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Migraines don't always come with a headache. I get Vestibular Migraines. Do you get any of these?

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Phase 1 of migraine attack - Most of these happen to me before certain sound annoy me more and lights starts to irritate my eyes.

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Magic Cure for Vertigo, willing to try ANYTHING at this point

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How to Diffuse Essential Oils for Powerful Results

Oil and Tell: Vertigo Relief YL #1497619

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