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How many triangles can you make with 9 sticks? Kids can reinforce geometry and critical thinking skills through creating various shapes with sticks.


Fostering Geometric Thinking - perimeter problem. Two vertices of a triangle are located at (4, 0) and (8, 0) on a coordinate grid. The perimeter of the triangle is 12 units. What are all possible positions for the third vertex?

Shape monsters---can incorporate shapes, vertices and adjectives all in one. Have the kids create their shape monster then describe it using math vocabulary and afjectives


Applet contains a triangle with perpendicular bisectors drawn. Its purpose is to have students discover that the circumcenter of a triangle is the ONLY POINT that is equidistant from the triangle's 3 vertices (and consequently, the center of the only circle one can circumscribe about the triangle.) The applet also leads students to discover that the circumcenter of a triangle lies INSIDE the triangle IFF the triangle is acute, ON the triangle IFF the triangle is right (at the midpoint of…


Miquel's theorem: A diagram showing circles passing through the vertices of a triangle ABC and points A´, B´ and C´ on the adjacent sides of the triangle inte...


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Topic for January 20, 2014: Getting the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle if the midpoints of the sides are given. Please visit the website to see the details. Thanks and have a nice day to everyone. If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.


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