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Vertebrate classification cootie catcher for kids


Interactive Science Notebook Freebies! All about animals! Creekside Teacher Tales

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Animal Classification Tabbed Booklet

Vertebrates and Invertebrates Tabbed Booklet. This vertebrates and invertebrates booklet is a great way to focus on animal classification along with main idea, vocabulary, writing, and learn about of course - vertebrates and invertebrates!Unfortunately, with the large demands on reading and math from Common Core, science is often pushed to the side.


Learning Ideas - Grades K-8: Venn Diagram - Vertebrates and Invertebrates


Free cut-and-paste vertebrates/invertebrates sort for interactive science notebooks. 18 animals to sort!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Invertebrates & Vertebrates Graphic Organizer

Great graphic organizer for studying invertebrates and vertebrates. Can use this as a study guide, quiz, or assessment.


Vertebrates and Invertebrates: Make a Spine! Students will see how the backbone of a vertebrate animal is made up of both bones (mints) and cartilage (gummies) which allow it to bend and move. The best part -- it doubles as a tasty treat!


▶ Learning About Vertebrates and Invertebrates - YouTube Funny and memorable video explaining the differences in the two. My kids have watched this a number of times.

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Vertebrate vs Invertebrate Venn Diagram

In this venn diagram, students cut, sort and paste various descriptions and examples of vertebrates and invertebrates to discover the similarities and differences between the two types of animals.Answer Key Included


Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Worksheets: Vertebrates and Invertebrates