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Cowboys And GovThugs: The Cows Come Home - Ku Klux Krackers on Steroids!!!

A job should lift workers out of poverty, not keep them in it. - Sen. Bernie Sanders #quotes #progressive #minimumwage

from Mail Online

The Clinton campaign had 71 PAGES of 'hits' to deploy against Bernie

Bernie Sanders, telling it like it is about class warfare. He is telling the truth and giving us the power to change it. #StillSanders #BernieOrBust #WeThePeople


I have NEVER been a fan of Bernie Sanders (NOR the Christian Left), but I cannot deny he is making a very valid point here.


A new round of WikiLeaks publications shows how surprised Hillary Clinton’s team was by the astounding rise of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The former secretary of state, expecting to stroll through the primaries as a formality, found herself scrambling to answer a question she didn’t expect to be asked: Why, exactly, was she running for …

18 June. Bernie Sanders: I will work with Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump

In Detroit News interview, Vermont senator said third parties historically have helped promote ideas ahead of their time

The Vermont senator rallies his still-faithful base in campaigning for a California proposition aimed at Big Pharma. - 2016/10/16

Bernie Sanders 2016! I understand it might be controversial on this board to NOT be supporting Hilary, but I seriously respect and admire this man so, so much. I urge all of you to not write him off. Give him a chance, he is truly about change.


There's a reason why Hillary Clinton is still failing to connect with many young voters, particularly those who supported Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders during the primaries,