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Toxin ,Venom ,Carnage ,Anti-Venom

IO MOTH CATERPILLAR Automeris metzli ©AniSuperNova83/ Anna Maria Rincon This large and colorful caterpillar becomess a moth of the Saturniidae family. It is found from Mexico to Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Its hairs can cause painful skin eruption (dermatitis) when handled. IO larvae possess many venomous spines (urticarial hairs) on their body and must be handled with care

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39- We ran off to go find Wendell. I felt a cold rush of wind run by, I looked behind me to see what it was but there was nothing. I looked down and saw shadows but they weren't mine. I saw the creature, it was so terrifying. It's shadowy figure with a black hood holding a bloody knife in one of it's skeletal hands. “Stay away!" I yelled at it. Nico stood beside me with his sword in hand, and Kliyah had her ice ready. “What are they?" He asked me. “Blood venoms. They're after children of the…

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Venom (Eddie Brock)

Venom (Eddie Brock) | Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Tentacles of the Portuguese Man O’War - acrylic paint, threads and tissue paper with gesso


Spider-Man by Alex Ross, cover of a great graphic novel: Marvels.

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Superior Spider-Man Suit

Superior Spider-Man Suit - Spider-Man Wiki - Peter Parker, Marvel Comics, Amazing Spiderman


Blue Bottle Tarantula. Nothing this creepy should be a pretty shade of blue! It's just wrong!