A good way to compare and contrast animals and plants is to use a hula hoop venn diagram. This can be put on the bulletin board and can be hung up for an extended period of time and is easy to see.

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Mitosis and Meiosis Venn Diagram But could use to compare & contrast anything - insect vs wind pollination

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Venn Diagram Worksheets - Set Notation Problems Using Two Sets

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Interactive Venn Diagrams: Keeps students engaged, allows for collaboration, and helps students build mental maps to better understand concepts. A great learning strategy for any content area or grade level!

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3 Circle Venn Diagram Template IDEA: Use for conflict resolution between three friends... how they are similar and yet different

"Like Snowflakes, No Two Books Are Alike" is a nice title for a winter bulletin board display that highlights reading. For this title, I would have my students complete a Venn diagram comparing two books and then have students glue cut out snowflakes around their Venn diagrams.

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