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Venn Diagram Formula

Free resources for Teaching and Learning 3-D Geometry. Work-cards for teacher training courses designed to address the latest Primary Maths Curriculum will provide a number of practical exercises and teaching tips using Polydron. Bob Ansell, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education, wrote the cards to cover Triangles, Pyramids, Prisms, Open Cubes, Nets of a Cube, Venn Diagrams, Antiprisms, and Platonic Solids. Extensions for Archimedean Solids, Euler's Polyhedron Formula & Tetrahedron…

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Nerd Venn Diagram: Geek, Dork or Dweeb?

I was shown this after inadvisedly using the word nerd to describe myself while retelling a story in which I was described as a geek. Turns out they *are* different. :)

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UX Venn Diagrams


The sweet spot for the perfect career choice. Every young man or woman should sort this out to create a happy life. Wish the internet had been around when I was at University!