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Effexor Withdrawal - Symptoms & Advice

Effexor Withdrawal - This scares me to death because I currently take 150mg and have for almost 2 years now. : /

“Forget to take venlafaxine in the morning. Withdrawal by 1pm.”] Hurray for feeling dizzy, zappy, and vaguely drunk! - oh shit. My dose got upped to 225mg and when you forget to take it


Venlafaxine withdrawal 2: shit starts to get real

How to Cope With Brain Shivers During Effexor Withdrawal

Some patients experience brain shivers during Effexor withdrawal, an electric shock sensation that isn't dangerous but can be frightening.

At venlafaxine dosages of <150 mg/d, an immediate switch to another SNRI of equiva­lent dosage generally is well-tolerated. For higher dosages, a gradual cross-taper is advised. Most patients tolerate a venlafaxine dosage reduction by 75 mg/d, at 1-week intervals.


Venlafaxine withdrawal, day 4

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Venlafaxine withdrawal day 11, part 2

Venlafaxine withdrawal, day 13

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