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Veggies High In Iron

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Hearty Vegetarian Lentil Stew

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Vegetable fried millet (vegetarian, gluten-free)

Vegetable fried millet by Beauty Bites - this is the healthier, more nutritious version of vegetable-fried rice. Besides high-fiber, this quick and easy dinner is high in iron and antioxidants. It's also super delicious and addictive.


The vitamins & minerals in bamboo shoots are ideal for improving the body’s immune system. It contains high amounts of potassium highly beneficial as an electrolyte & is very good for lowering & maintaining blood pressure. According to studies, phytosterols & phytonutrients found in shoots are ideal for dissolving harmful LDL cholesterol. Bamboo is rich in B-complex vitamins, good in minerals, especially manganese & copper with small amounts of calcium, iron, & phosphorus. #dherbs…


Iron that comes from animal products is not good for humans because it gets stored by the body as ''iron reserves," but the human body cannot use that kind of iron properly, and it has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems (especially heme iron that's found in red meat).


Alkaline Diet Recipe #90: Leafy Greens and Ginger Stir-Fry - This delicious stir-fry reflects my love for pumpkins and squashes of all colours and shapes. For this stir-fry you can use different leafy greens such as cavalo nero, green cabbage, chard or spinach which are all packed with nutrients and are high in calcium, iron, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid to name a few. Serves 2

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Butter bean & squash crumble

Butter bean & Squash crumble

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Spinach and Coconut Dal

Tinned Tomatoes: Spinach and Coconut Dal - not 5:2 but looks delicious - great for no meat monday!