Vintage Vegetable Garden Graphics by Eclectic Anthology on Creative Market

This is a collection of vintage vector graphics that have been carefully chosen from a variety of sources from the They are the real deal, and are perfectly imperfect as they haven't

9 Incredible Vegetable Tattoos That Are For Life | Rodale's Organic Life

9 Incredible Vegetable Tattoos That Are For Life

I'm the only one in my family that likes beets

Beet Wellington with balsamic reduction

This impressive beet Wellington makes a beautiful Xmas centrepiece. It's goes really well with a simple balsamic reduction and usual trimmings.

Esther does some of the most beautiful tattoos, check out her food stuff over at Butterfat Tattoo!

Veggie Tattoo - You have to REALLY like vegetables to have a tattoo like this one, but it's gorgeous.