Vegan quick-serve restaurant 'by CHLOE.' will open two new locations in Manhattan this year.

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How easy is it to eat vegan in different parts of London? There's a view, held by many, that eating vegan in London is easy in Central London, but this is not the case in other parts. Hopefully, this article will demonstrate how easy it easy to eat out, whilst maintaining the choice to be vegan, throughout London. #vegan

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Vegans don't have to skip eating out at any of the most common restaurants and fast food joints! Social life and fulfilling cravings will become so much easier with this guide: find your best #healthy #vegan choices at 30 common places.

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Vegan in Seattle: Highlights from Seattle, Washington. Including vegan restaurants, shops & more

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Les enseignes de cuisine vegan ne cessent de fleurir dans la capitale, voici quelques adresses de restaurants sélectionnées pour vous.

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How To Order Vegan At Non-Vegan Restaurants (and why you should) | Vegan Food, Plant based food, nutrition, health, restaurants, dining out as a vegan.

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