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Tofu Jerky! This vegan tofu jerky is sweet, salty, chew and simply mouth watering. Use the food dehydrator to dry!

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Meat Free Mom: Mushroom Jerky (or Bacon?) Vegan jerky made with dehydrated marinated mushrooms!

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Savory Eggplant Jerky

Recipe: Savory Eggplant Jerky -- Vegan, Vegetarian, Grain Free, Gluten Free (use tamari), Dairy Free, Egg Free

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Spicy Sriracha Tofu Jerky

Spicy Sriracha Tofu Jerky ≈≈★★★≈≈ P.S.: ARE YOU or your friends VEGAN(S)? Look at this vegan CUSTOM NAME SHIRTS and brand them with your (their) name(s). Great discounts available:

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Jackfruit Jerky (and bonus recipes for other vegan jerky ideas). Great for camping, hiking, snacking, or eating directly off the the baking sheet :) These are vegan with gluten free and soy free variations.

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6 Delicious Vegan Jerky Recipes -It’s not so hard to make vegan jerky recipe as you will read here in this article there are easy methods to make vegan jerky without dehydrator on anything fancy, you only need to have patience and that is it. You can make vegan jerky of tempeh,tofu,mushrooms you name it. It is crucial to...-

9 meatless jerky recipes for the vegetarian in you

Pumpkin Pie Jerky Ingredients 1 oz) can of pumpkin puree 3 tbsp nonfat dry milk 5 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp maple syrup (optional) 1 tsp cinnamon tsp allspice tsp ground cloves tsp ground ginger 6 tbsp water