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Roasted Mediterranean vegetable lasagne

I've cooked this before, it's delicious, even my husband likes it and it's veggie! Pinning this because I must remember to make it again.

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John Bishop's ultimate veggie lasagne

Veggie sauce, onion, carrots, celery, tinned toms, haricot beans, aubergine.

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Iron-rich vegetarian

If you're a vegetarian or reducing the amount of meat you eat, get an iron boost from our iron-rich, veggie favourites...

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Courgette lasagne

A classic veggie recipe that uses fresh, seasonal veg, is low calorie and bound to please the whole family

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Vegetarian Zucchini Lasagna Spirals

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Honey & mustard chicken thighs with spring veg

This self-saucing one-pot is like a roast dinner without the fuss, plus it's rich in iron, fibre and folate

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Roast pumpkin & spinach lasagne

Roast pumpkin & spinach lasagne - have made this so many times (admittedly I cheat on the sauces) but it's absolutely delicious. I also add a layer of cherry tomatoes near the top, under the last layer of pasta. It makes such a difference.

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Mexican Bean Lasagne

How hot can you go? This #dairyfree Mexican take on the Italian Classic ticks all the boxes: cheese, tick. Crunchy veg, tick. Chilli, TICK. Make it as hot or not as you and the family like, just adjust the amount of chilli flakes you add for the perfect kick.

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Tom Kerridge's Best Ever Dishes . Free tutorial with pictures on how to cook a lasagna in under 120 minutes by cooking with beef, star anise, and cloves. Recipe posted by Bloomsbury. in the Recipes section Difficulty: Simple. Cost: Cheap. Steps: 11

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Sweet potato and aubergine moussaka. This pasta free Greek relative of lasagne skips the cheese making it suitable for vegans :)

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Squash and ricotta pasta bake

Squash and ricotta pasta bake Added in two red peppers and roasted them with the butternut squash; added in large onion & chilli flakes with the garlic. Used 3 very generous tbsp ricotta. Added in 80g chopped kale (which worked well) The sage leaves on top were delicious - use lots. Next time: use a very large butternut squash, add in even more veg, e.g. courgettes &/or mushrooms. I served it with steamed broccoli, but salad or green beans might be better.

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