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10 Delicious Recipes for Leftover Wine

Veal Escalopes With Mushrooms

This is a meal that would fit perfectly at your Christmas Eve dinner table. What I love most besides the incredible flavors is the beautiful presentation of the food. Plating plays a big part in the aesthetics of a dish, so don’t forget that aspect as you plan your holiday feast.I prepared veal escalopes stuffed with lemon, pine nuts, golden raisins, garlic and fresh tarragon. Once the escalopes were cooked, I completed the dish with a flavorful sauce made from the pan drippings. By the way…

Veal escalope with caponata and parsley & lemon linguine

Try this Veal escalope with caponata and parsley & lemon linguine recipe by Chef Gordon Ramsay. This recipe is from the show The F Word.

Veal escalopes in a simple and addictive lemon and buttery sauce. Who doesn't love butter?! The sauce also works well with pork chops...

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Wiener schnitzel #SundaySupper

Wiener schnitzel #SundaySupper - the classic breaded veal escalope from Austria, a favorite with adults and children alike. Easy to make, a great family-friendly dinner.

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