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Tom Hiddleston at Wimbledon 2015. Full size: Source: Torrilla

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The Vato Loco tee symbolizes how no sane person can handle the dangers and obstacles you have to face in the streets. You must not have fears, because without those fears, there are no limits. The Old English font is a popular font in street sub-cultures, such as low-riders, cholos, and vatos locos. Follow us on instagram: @toodopebrand Like us on facebook:

(Easier level) A lyrical, episodic, multiple award-winning Mexican American coming of age story. Manny wants to be vato firme, a guy to respect, and the year leading up to his initiation into a gang is filled with pain and tension. Meanwhile, his family struggles with violence, discrimination, and inner turmoil in the dusty California town where Manny is trying to grow up. SPANISH, ENGLISH, HISTORY (Mexican American issues, ethnic studies, family history)

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Tom Hiddleston attends a photocall for 'Crimson Peak' at Le Jardin de Russie on September 28, 2015 in Rome, Italy. Full size image: Source: Torrilla, Weibo

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