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Grow Your Own Vanilla for Desserts and Drinks

Grow a vanilla orchid, and harvest vanilla beans for your drinks and desserts.


Growing Vanilla Orchids: Tips For Vanilla Orchid Care

Vanilla Orchid Care: How To Grow Vanilla Orchid - Vanilla orchid care is very specific and each requirement must be met exactly in order for the vine to produce fruit. Learn how to grow vanilla orchid in the home interior. This article will help with that.


Vanilla orchids

Vanilla orchids: Vanilla is actually orchid and can be grown in proper orchid conditions. It needs support.


Genuine vanilla comes from Vanilla orchids (Vanilla Planifolia being the most commonly grown species). These orchids are vines, and need to cling on to something (such as a tree or a pole) in order to grow. The fruit of the orchids is mostly referred to as “vanilla beans”, and it is from these we receive pure vanilla.


The Vanilla Bean Orchid. Learn all about vanilla and how to grow it yourself here,


The Spice Series: Vanilla

Growing Vanilla Beans Indoors | The Spice Series: Vanilla Coffee, Cacao and Vanilla are beans not nuts. And Vanilla is not even a tree, but while Vanilla is a spice coffee and chocolate fall between the lines so I'm pinning them here and on Herbs and Spices.


Vanilla comes from a vining orchid that you can grow as a house plant!! Harvest your own vanilla beans!!