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Art in The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley – in pictures

1/18/16- To do something meaningful. Seems like a long hard journey that isn't worth it. However, if I can leave something bright, beautiful and heartfelt behind it might be worth it. After all, this little painting Van Gogh made stirs hope in me that happiness and joy that I have only glimpsed from a distance could be mine. And it should be others' too.


Van Gogh's true colours were originally even brighter

"Sunflowers, c 1888" by Vincent Van Gogh. This is one of my favorites in person. The texture and depth given to the flowers is captivating.


Art of the Day: Van Gogh, Flowering Garden, July 1888. Oil on canvas, 92 x 73 cm. Private collection.


Vincent van Gogh for Kids

Creating Movement Exercise: van Gogh techniques for kids. Students will learn how to color or paint and make it look like there is movement within the picture.


One of my all time favorite paintings. Van Gogh ~ 'Starry Night' (1889) depicts the view outside Van Gogh's sanitorium room window at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, at night.


Van Gogh "Cottages with thatched Roofs in the Quarter Valhermeil in Auvers", 45 x 54,5 cm, May 21, 1890. Crayon on paper. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.