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66 Dramatic And Elegant Vampire Wedding Ideas |

Kingko® Women’s Trendy Black Lace Choker Necklace Set Stretch Classic Gothic Tattoo Retro Jewelry PCS)

Vampire wedding decor

Every year I add a few more Halloween potion bottles to our Halloween decor. I would love to have this one in the collection! ✯ Blood of the Undead ✯

I like this style of vest (mmmm silver buttons and such a beautiful pattern) and shirt better for under-jacket wear. It seems a little more formal and I like the red more than just going all black

Shrine Black Victorian/Gothic Tapestry Vest Size: M

Victorian Aristocrat Vest by Shrine Clothing Goth Steampunk Mens Jackets. *** steam punk is another cool style I just started looking into but personally I would wear a white button shirt under the fest to take out the goth

Buy it on Etsy or make your own using granulated sugar and food coloring. Get the tutorial at Mom on Time Out.  -

25 Cheap and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Cocktail rimming sugar red and black martini rimming sugar for your gothic party or vampire True Blood-inspired Halloween wedding! by Dell Cove Spice Co. in Chicago, Illinois.