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Horror. Scary. Monster. Nightmare. Dream. Death. Decay. Demon. Corpse. Autopsy…

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The Greeks believed that all redheads turned into vampires when they ' died ' Vampire Iris-Winter by

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Damon Salvatore - he would've made the ultimate Christian Grey *sigh*

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My dad literally just asked a question about what our favourite fandom is on FB and there's like 4 that I am a part of so now I'm not happy I have to choose one xxx

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(Play the Werewolf) I was walking in the woods one late summer night, I loved midnight woods walking. For being a popular girl I had dark secrets. But didn't everybody? I stopped when my flashlight died. "Ugh, come on." I groaned and looked around. That's when I saw him. Gold eyes of a Werewolf, dark hair, hard face, and vines poking his hair and face. "What—" I couldn't finish because he rushed at me making me yell and then I stopped, when he kissed me. His K-9's scraping my lip when he…

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