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ValuJet Flight 592 - ATC Recordings [IN-FLIGHT FIRE] - YouTube

ValuJet Flight 592 Memorial - Everglades National Park Image

Air Crash Investigation: ValuJet Flight 592 ''Florida Swamp Air Crash''

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ValuJet Crash Of 1996 ~ A rescue hellicopter (L) and airboats look through the debris of Valujet Flight 592 after the DC-9 crashed 11 May some 20 miles NW of Miami International Airport

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The day a plane with 110 people disappeared into the Everglades

It vanished with barely a trace. ValuJet Flight 592, with 110 people on board, plunged into the Everglades after taking off from Miami International Airport 20 years ago, May 11, 1996.

May 11, 1986 ValuJet Flight 592 in the Everglades of Miami, FL. All 110 people on board were killed.

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1996 ♦ May 11 – ValuJet Flight 592, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9, crashes in the Everglades near Miami, Florida, because of a fire in its cargo hold. All 110 people on board are killed.

The Passengers and Crew ValuJet Flight 592

ValuJet DC-9-32; N1266L@FLL, February 1994 (5423968471).jpg

ValuJet Flight 592 Memorial - Everglades National Park - Disaster Memorials on