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Value of silver coins

Mystery of 1933 penny: Britain's rarest coin valued at £80,000 offered on eBay then suddenly withdrawn

The Happy Coin of Cos Cob, Greenwich, COnnecticut strives to keeps its clients as happy as possible with their purchases by providing the best procucts at the best price online of local,.

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List of Valuable Dimes

The dime coin has been in circulation since 1796. Dimes made before 1964 have a base value of the current price of silver. The most valuable dimes are measured by such standards as condition, rarity and date of the coins, and can be worth in excess of $2 million.

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Anatomy of a Coin shows the places of importance on the coin to make it rare and valuable.

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10 Valuable Coins That Might Be In Your Pocket

10 Valuable Coins That Might Be In Your Pocket -

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Viking silver treasure hoard worth £1m unearthed after 1,000 years

Viking Silver jewelry: The highlight of the collection is an intricately carved silver cup, estimated to be worth more than £200,000. It contains 617coins and various silver fragments, ingots and rings. Some of the pieces were from as far away as Afghanistan. The treasure is believed to have belonged to a rich Viking who buried it during the unrest following the conquest of the Viking kingdom of Northumbria in 927 by the Anglo-Saxon king Athelstan. The hoard was purchased by 2 British…

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That'll cost a pretty penny: Biggest coin ever made with legal value of £1,000 made of 1kg of solid gold set to sell for £65,000

That'll cost a pretty penny: Biggest coin ever made with legal value of £1,000…

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When you are buying gold coins these are the things to look for: Type of coin - Eagle, Sovereign etc. Size of coin - These can vary also. Sometimes measured in value and sometimes in weight. Face Value - 1 dollar or five dollar or even 10 dollar (for US or Canadian coins) for example. Weight - Usually measured in troy ounces or part of an oz but grams have also become a popular weight measurement recently. Fineness - (999% fine) Amount of gold compared to other metals such as silver.

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A wonderful site and the best part its FREE yes FREE you dont have to buy a book to find out the values of your old coins.

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A list of the most valuable silver dollars - including Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, and Eisenhower dollars.

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