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Stellan Skarsgård as Cerdic in the Clive Owen move, "King Arthur". In this movie, Cerdic invades Britain from the North of Hadrian's Wall, which is historically wrong: Cerdic landed on the south coast (can't exactly remember where right now) of England, and moved inland from there. Cerdic was believed to have been part British, and also thought to have founded the beginnings of the Kingdom of Wessex (West Saxons), later made famous by the Saxon king, Alfred the Great.


thedeerandtheoak: If I ever get married, I want a wedding just like this one. Maude Hirsch as Helga in Vikings, 2014. She’s on the way to her wedding to Floki.

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Castello del Valentino

"The River è una descrizione fedele della vita di Ginny, la sorella di Bruce, che a diciott’anni era rimasta incinta e si era sposata giovanissima con Mickey Shave. Scritta in prima persona, The River è un ritratto scattato con la lente dell’empatia e una dose non trascurabile di rabbia". Peter Ames Carlin, Bruce

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The 13th Warrior (1999)