How to Save on Meat? Chop It Up -- Yourself! Buy larger cuts of meat on sale and portion them out for future meals, like I did with this boneless pork loin. Stock your freezer and save!

How to Save on Meat? Chop It Up - Yourself

How to save on meat? Buy a larger cut of meat on sale and chop it up yourself -- divide it right into freezer bags for various future meals.

This comprehensive home staging checklist will help you make your home look its best when you’re selling. Staging a home for sale? Get tips at HouseLogic.

81 Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love

CAR SEAT timeline... i dont think enough people know this stuff..

Car seat timeline

This was an interesting video clip but if you notice the savings were not on quality pet foods but the more traditional brands.

Not Strawberry Julius - only strawberries, water and gelatin - Redeeming Nutrition

Redeeming Nutrition

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