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Coffee perk-fection

Lab-inspired coffee The formula for a properly brewed cup of joe is: Temperature + Grind size + Time = Coffee. At the Portola Coffee Lab this formula is practiced on each cup using five methods: Japanese cold drip, Hario V60, Siphon, Trifecta and Slayer. The Siphon is a vacuum coffee maker that brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and a vacuum produce the coffee.duggan - Business - The Orange County Register

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PEBO Vacuum coffee maker, from for $80 **Not that I need another coffee maker, but really it makes coffee from a vaccuum that draws out all of the essential oils from the beans and seals the aroma of the brewed coffee... Shut up and take my money! NOW!**

Belgium Royal 4C Cafe Balance Syphon Coffee Maker

Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker by Bodum

Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker by Bodum $118. Looks cool. Won't work on my induction stove though.

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I Love: Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

Any coffee maker that makes my kitchen look like a chemistry lab is a winner in my book. The Hario Syphon Vacuum Coffee Maker is a simple and clean machine, which apparently produces an incredibly...

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Caffeine addicts that we are here at Growcial - we lurrrrve this Mad Scientist #Coffee Maker.

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Bodum Santos (Pebo) Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker

Bodum Stovetop Vacuum Coffee Maker: "who knew making a cup of coffee could be so much like a science experiment?" from Seattle Coffee Gear