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Planning a visit to Utila, Honduras? Learn how to get there, where to stay, what to do, how much to budget for, & the big question: what's the diving like?


Utila, Honduras – living the island life

Wonderful Honduras


Treetanic Bar The Jade Seahorse - A bizarre boutique hotel in Utila, Honduras . It features five oddly shaped but comfortable bungalows, each eclectically decorated with bottle art, mosaic tiles and iridescent glass stones. It took the owner, Neil Keller, 15 years to produce this dreamlike world.Picture by Ded Ch


Visiting the Island of Utila

Snorkeling with whale sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience—and the reason many choose Utila over any other Caribbean island. Plan a trip to this popular budget destination with this helpful guide.

Ultimate List of The Best Hostels in Honduras


Honduras Diving: How to Find the Best Utila Dive Center

How to find the best dive shop in Utila, Honduras along with must-ask questions. ~

A Perfect Caribbean Island Called Utila

Turquoise waters, clean sand, cheap diving and cheaper tequila. When one thinks of tropical islands, it’s usually the expensive but not this one. This island known as Utila is a backpacker's paradise. Don't miss this place. Put it on your list of places t


Hello Honduras! 10 Things to Do in Roatán Bay

Roatán Bay, Honduras is one of my favorite places Ive traveled to because of its exotic jungles, tropical beaches, and adventurous activities!