USS Alabama - Mobile, Alabama   we wer there 5 years ago at 20 mins to close and they didn't tell us !  Thanks for the lost money !

USS Alabama - Mobile, Alabama Me and my family have been to and through this ship! This ship is stunning! Worth the trip!

The USS Alabama in her fitting out berth at Norfolk, Virginia, 1942.

South Dakota-class battleship USS Alabama being fitted out, 3 July 1942

Been here too...will also never forget the goose egg I got on my shin from not stepping through the doors high enough! SS Alabama, Mobile, Alabama

Fun way to spend an afternoon --- USS Alabama - Mobile, Alabama Visited the ship many years ago with my husband.

Great park, and a great tour of the USS Alabama in Mobile AL

Mobile AL U. Alabama Battleship Park is an All-Service memorial. Here are displays on loan from the Air Force, a transport, B helicopter, and fighter, complement the battleship and the submarine

Battleship Alabama memorial in Mobile, Alabama.   I remember going here with my grandparents and my Uncle Mark.

Battleship Alabama memorial in Mobile, Alabama. If your claustrophobic like me,, it's a long tour lol but neato

Battleship Alabama - Mobile Alabama by Deadly Dreamer                           by  Deadly_Dreamer

The Hero of the Pacific rests at Battleship Park on Mobile Bay. Battleship Memorial Park is a military history park and museum located on the western shore of Mobile Bay in Mobile, Alabama. Photo by Deadly Dreamer