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VisitorParser.js – User Agent & IP Geo Location Parser with Javascript #javascript #geolocation #useragent #parser #location #IP #visitor

Visualized: a closer look at an HTC One prototype

Shortly before a flagship smartphone is announced to the general public, companies like HTC will often send a prototype version of the upcoming product to tig...

Skyfall (2012)

It seems to take a lot of effort to get the whole family to watch a film these days but this did it. Liked the fact that the female agent, who looked to be 007's love interest, didn't become too important (and at times proved useful). The shower scene female was also quickly dispatched having served her purpose, even if a 'waste of a good scotch'. After that we got on with the action which provided some originality in places. Light entertainment that did it's job without too much annoyance.


Beginner guide to use SEO robots.txt file with example This article is for beginners who only recently began to explore the creation and promotion of websites. If you have used Wordpress CMS before then you must be knowing something about robot.txt. Robot.txt file can be used with any kind of websites and blog. So here you can learn about how to create robot.txt file and some of its basic commands and directives. What is Robots.txt Robots.txt is an important element of each website on…

DOLPHIN - Dolphin brings you the world’s first Gesture and voice control (Sonar) based browser. Fast and playful, you can train your Dolphin to adapt to the way you want to browse. Open your favorite web pages with just a touch of your finger tip, tell Dolphin where to go or create a signature Gesture. With over 12 million downloads and growing daily, “Dolphin is the most capable browser available.” (PC Magazine) - (App)

User Agent profile shows Samsung Galaxy S6 to have 64-bit chipset and 2K screen | Doi Toshin

VisitorParser.js – Free jQuery User Agent