Fancy - Chanel Vending Machines, London

Chanel Vending Machines, London Some are calling it a pop-up; it is a vending machine for mascara. That is an exciting new ground concept for selling cosmetics in itself.

i'm only reposting to say that my old middle school had one of those "school supply vending machines" (the very last picture) and i never saw a single person use it

Post with 7631 votes and 198832 views. Tagged with school, innovative; I will not skip any classes if my school got these brilliant Inventions

Salad Vending Machine - Where is this!? I would totally use this all the time, what a great idea.

10 New Weird Vending Machines

Salad Vending Machine Forget junk food or candy bars – this vending machine sells only fresh salads

This needs to be at work.  For employee morale, of course.  ;)  "Automatic Whisky, 1960" Photo by Ron Case/Getty Images

PHOTOS: Vintage Vending Machines

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. bring back the office whiskey dispenser!

Ever wondered who's in that vending machine? Guerilla de Marketing – German Job Market / Jobsintown

Life’s too short for the wrong job Marketing Campaign

Funny pictures about Life is too short for the wrong job. Oh, and cool pics about Life is too short for the wrong job. Also, Life is too short for the wrong job photos.

A minimalist juice shop in Amsterdam. Cold pressed juice bar.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A Minimalist Juice Shop in Amsterdam

Vintage Coca Cola Soda Vending Machines...put money in and pull out a coke....there was one just like this in our city library.   Such a treat!

Antique Vintage Coca Cola Soda Vending Machines - better than the box drink vending machines because there was less work - drop money into slot, open little door and pull out the soda that you wanted