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Make beautiful cards and gifts using a unique range of clear stamps, created by Tracey Dutton from Lavinia Stamps. Magical mystical and Floral images, which include a wonderful range of silhouette Fairies

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Musician's white out! Oh my gosh. I want it and I have absolutely no use for it.

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Etude EFL-100 Student Flute Reviewed • News To Review -

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35 striking recycled lamps that are borderline genius

"This is a lamp i made for my mother for mothers day. it’s made from a recycled lamp and my old trumpet that i used to play in junior high. the base was cut, sanded, stained and varnished by me. it took me longer than i expected, which is why i finished it almost a week after mothers day. As for the case that held the trumpet- i’ll be turning that into a toolbox. :D"

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Flute Sheet Music: A Whole New World. I used to play flute. Always last chair tho.

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Jazz music will be played by a band on some nights. And this pic can be used as art work for the walls.

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