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Quick weight loss tips: Quick for 14 hours a day. Aim to eat your last dish previously in the day and after that quick till breakfast the next morning. Studies recommend that this basic dietary modification-- consuming only when you're most active and offering your digestive system a long break per day-- may help weight loss.


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Deck of cards workout. Should be interesting ;) If you want to change it around half way through, this is the alternative I use: Clubs:Squats Diamonds: Crunches Spades: High Knees Hearts: Mountain Climbers Joker: 1 minute plank/wall sit :)


Quick HIIT 20 Minute Treadmill Workout

This is a Quick HIIT Treadmill Workout I use when I've not got time to put in a long run or the weather outside is awful. I love this workout as it get the heart pumping and I get a post workout buzz once it's finished!

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This Treadmill Workout Will Probably Be the Most Intense 30 Minutes of Your Day

I did an improvised version of this but I'm still a sweaty mess and feel very proud! My goal is to do this workout to its entirety by doing it once a week. Seriously a great workout- incorporates hills, sprints AND endurance all in only 30 minutes!

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Go From Walker to Runner in Only 8 Weeks

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How to tame your tum: Is yours a spare tyre or a stress bulge?

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