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Writing – instead of using “look” use…

Download this A4 writing aid for quick reference on which words to use instead of 'Look' I'm trudging through my first draft and the tip I keep hearing is - Just get through it!reference expressions, and emotions for the word 'look'. Download it out in A4 for free by clicking on the image. Do you have any other words that can be added to this printout? Please let me know!

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Online Sites to Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

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With 1 week to go our sign today is: EASTER - learn more at #BSL #BritishSignLanguage #Easter

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When Steve found out about Clint and his hearing aids, he was immediately reminded of a few kids he used to pal around with in Brooklyn who were either Deaf or hard of hearing, and Steve had learned some sign from them. Clint helped him brush up on the ASL that he knew (he even taught him even more) and now they communicate a lot via ASL.

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Snowflake Obsidian It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. Use Snowflake obsidian to help block negativity of any kind, and psychic attacks. Snowflake Obsidian helps to keep centered and focused when any type of chaotic situation (office, commute, home, etc) presents itself. Snowflake Obsidian can remove negativity from a space or person with ease. Obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone.

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Animal Memes – Funny Animal Photo Gallery

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Words Commonly Used to Describe Sounds

The trick is to not use them in their stereotypical way. Ex: "A hard knot clutched at her throat as the little orphan mewed closer, a dirty hand outstretched."

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Audiogram use to chart hearing loss. It's good to have your child's hearing tested to rule out some of their physical/ biological reason for their communication difficulty.

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