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USE CASE DIAGRAMS are BRILLIANT for helping with USER EXPERIENCE (UX) when building apps or systems.

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FOR SIOBHAN..... shipping for cabinet

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COSTUME D.I.Y.: Not sure how to get decked out for our Renaissance Ball on Friday, November 15? Check out these instructions to make a fast and easy D.I.Y. Renaissance-style Ruff, using a stapler, hole punch, scissors, ribbon and coffee filters! You can download a PDF of the instructions at

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Crayola Letter Art In Blues Or Pinks

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A slim and elegant 7,000 mAh power bank for the Apple iPhone - specifically conceived for recharging while holding the phone. In this use case the rubber-coated and corrugated surface gently rests against the back of the iPhone and the loop-shaped Lightni…

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What an awesome pincushion party! Thanks to all who participated! Go check out the Good Neighbors collection and try your own cushion!

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Walnut and glass staircase with clever use of lighting at skirting level - love the clean lines of the design and that its modern without being stark or sterile.

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