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Infographic - Psychology of the Office Space

Office design trends come in and out of fashion quicker than one can say “treadmill desk”, but there’s a good reason why managers are always obsessing about ways to improve their work spaces; it turns out that an office space can have a huge psychological

Psychology of Studying: How do students study? Infographic

We all absorb information differently, and that can affect how we study – The Student Housing Company’s infographic looks at how UK students study for exams.

Psychology of the Office Space                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Psychology of the Office Space #infographic

The Current State of Special Education, good cheat sheet to explain concepts to gened teachers or parents

What Special Education Looks Like

Special Education 101 Infographic: What is special education? This is another great visual school-based SLPs could use. It gives graphs and statistics that are related to special education.

Social Work101: Considering a career in social work?  Here is a quick understanding of the profession, and the varying roles social workers play in our world. This infographic breaks down where 642,000 American social workers are employed, details about three common fields of practice and profiles four famous social workers who were pioneers in the field.

March is National Social Work Month and this year's theme by the NASW is "Social Work Matters." Check out this infographic on social work!