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American Independence Day 4th illustration of city of American flag backdrop Image ID:144521789 Copyright: xtremelife usa, fact, america, town, flag, national, july, white, campaign, red, day, vector, unique, holiday, symbol, history, democratic, star, liberty,united, pride, creative, nation, illustration, new york, states, design, city, blue, 4th, patriotic, independence, fourth, election, country, banner, patriotism, stripe, background, pattern, 4, patriot, memorial, american, republic

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United States Quizzes

USA Facts for Kids Quizzes - Birds, Flags, Flowers, Capitals, Quarters, Vice Presidents, and more!

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Back to Geography Basics: How Many States are There in the USA?

How Many States are There in the USA? #facts


USA Facts

Make your own ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, pickle relish, and mayonnaise for your next barbecue! These versions taste like the store-bought versions, but are free of preservatives, HFCS, and other additives!

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My USA- Facts about the 50 States! $16.95 on


21 Surprising Facts About America That Most People Don't Know

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Symbols of the USA {Emergent Reader} for Kindergarten and First Grade