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Us Supreme Court Docket

Supreme Court of the United States - ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2013: The Supreme "Court of the United States in full conference will review evidence of forged I.D.'s used by the president." Birtherism

Arguments Transcripts of health care law before Supreme Court. Lengthy. Save to read later. In PDF format.


Search for a case by case number or by name. View scheduled court dates/times, review docket sheet of filed documents, view statute case was filed under, pay fines online for Alaska's Court System

Topeka, KS : Brown v. Board of Education NHS, the former Monroe Elementary School. Multiple field trip options to choose from!

Refusal to accept guilt or lack of remorse not an aggravating factor to be used in sentencing. State v. Barrios Sentence 100 years- Docket: SCWC-13-0000118 Opinion Date: December 22 2016 Areas of Law: Criminal Law Sexual assault 1 HRS 707-730 After a jury trial Defendant was convicted and sentenced to 100 years in prison for numerous sexual assaults on a minor. The Intermediate Court of Appeals affirmed Defendants conviction and sentence. The Supreme Court affirmed Defendants…

SCOTUS: See Supreme Court Documents: Opinions: Latest Slip Opinions: Docket 11-393 (National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius)

The US Supreme Court added a case to its docket that seeks to block a Texas law threatening to shut down additional health clinics that provide safe abortions in the state.

Technology law will soon be reshaped by people who don't use email

PC Speaks: Abney Associates Tech Blog Teknologi loven vil snart bli omformet av folk som ikke bruker e-post