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Belly Bandit: So this one is actually for mama, immediately after baby, rather than the lil one himself. The idea of literally shrinking the postpartum belly back to its pre-baby size sounds crazy. But the Belly Bandit does just that. The postpartum compression wrap is worn for six weeks after baby's arrival (day and night) and helps retrain the muscles and shrink the belly back into place. It doesn't sound possible, but as several of us here can attest — it works!


U.S. Department of Labor - Labor Day 2013 - The History of Labor Day


History of Labor Day | United States Department of Labor

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Hatch Chiles, Sugar Syrup & Labor Day

Oh darn, the last long weekend of summer is upon us.  Labor Day.  Traditionally it has been unacceptable to wear white after Labor Day.  Do you follow this rule?  I tend to follow it not so much be...

Labor Day was created to honor the American worker. Illustration: The First Labor Day Parade, Sept 5, 1882, NYC

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9 Ways We're Better Off Now Than We Were On The First Labor Day (And 5 Ways We're Not)

In 1894, when Congress created the holiday now known as Labor Day, the world was a different place -- indeed, many states were still just baby territories back then. But things were especially different for the workers, many of whom often struggled in dangerous conditions for little pay.

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The United States Deserves a Labor Day That Recognizes All Workers

Labor Day is a celebration meant to honor those who contribute to our workforce and economy. However, this holiday is not inclusive of one of the largest...


Labor Day Parade in Lowell, Indiana is Oldest in The State

Labor Day Parade in Lowell, #Indiana is the OLDEST in the State!


Labor Day is a federal holiday and the unofficial last day of summer enjoyed by Americans.