This bipolar star-forming region, called Sharpless 2-106, looks like a celestial snow angel. It is nearly 2,000 light-years from us. A massive, young star, IRS 4 is in the middle of the formation. Twin lobes of super-hot gas, glowing blue in this image, stretch outward from it. (NASA/ESA/the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA))

360° Panoramas of Artists in their Studios - Bohonus VR photography

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American Thinker Blog: GOP plan calls for National Guard deployment at border ~ "On the surface, this Republican plan to deal with the border crisis is a lot better than the plan offered by President Obama." Don't buy it!!!

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Shep Smith: FOX News Confirmed It – “There’s No More Privacy” Ahh! Congress hasn't exactly proven itself to be trustworthy either!

Distressing holiday greetings, bad New Year's news from IRS Commissioner to his staff … and taxpayers

By all means, please do. Just pay the @IRS their fair share. Should be more than well versed at how to do so after submitting last business in court documents claiming back orders. Given it had a website, shouldn't have been terribly tough to have created a new one. The card company still should be reimbursed for defrauding the estate w/ product never paid for used to create inventory.

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