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Causes of Car Accidents Car Accidents have a Common Factor: Road Conditions! Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ice and Fog are a factor in 1,511,200 Car Crashes with 629,300 injuries and 7,130 deaths. Bad Road Conditions affect visibility, braking distance, Steering and speed fluxuations and averages. Attorneys need to inquire into weather's impact on each car accident. The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.

US Department of Transportation sets up new committee to steer automated tech The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced the formation a new committee dedicated to guiding policy on automated tech. The group will cover everything from autonomous drones to self-driving trucks cars and buses and is comprised of members of government as well as figures from private industry. Executives from companies including Uber Apple Alphabets Waymo and Hyperloop One are all on board as well…

DOT Medical Exam & CMV Certification. U.S. Department Of Transportation. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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National Teen Driver Safety Week takes place October 16-22, 2016. This is good chance to talk about driving safety. 5 simple rules for your teen driver before they hit the road. Help them drive better: No cell phones No extra passengers No speeding No alcohol or drugs Buckle up Video by US Department of Transportation’s …

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6 Things To Know About The Future Of Transportation

These are the issues we’ll have to deal with, according to the outgoing head of the US Department of Transportation.

DOT Protect Yourself From Moving Fraud [PDF] Red Flags for Spotting Rogue Movers Choosing a Reputable Mover Questions? Ready to Move? – Tips for a Successful Interstate Move [PDF - 2.4 MB] Moving Checklist [PDF] Beware Household Goods Estimates with Blank, Incomplete Paperwork Understanding Valuation and Insurance Options [PDF] Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move [PDF - 3.6 MB]

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Around the globe – and especially in the US where our national highway system has penetrated nearly every major city – local governments, state departments of transportation, and even private organiza-tions are experimenting with transforming the quality of space found beneath and near interstate over-passes. Areas typically designed for cars are receiving face-lifts, and occasionally, new programmatic uses. Enhancements to these types of bridges and overpasses range from minor treatments to…

The Illinois Department of Transportation thinks that two new, 7 1/2-pound, 2 1/2-foot-wide devices will help the agency rise to new heights of safety and cost efficiency. “We’re excited to have drones available to help us with the work we do at the Illinois Department of Transportation,” said IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn. “Because drones can …

pin 1 U.S. Government Information on Organ Tissue Donation and Transplantation

The US Department of Transportation is trying to fix self-driving rules before they break

The US Department of Transportation is trying to fix self-driving rules before they break

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