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Frigate USS Constitution Sail Boat - -Ship - Illustration printed on vintage Dictionary page

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You should really read the US Constitution. There is nothing in there about basing laws on the mythology of any religion.

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This was a poster put of for women's right to vote. When these types of things were put up some men would go around and tear them off.

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U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution is a Social Studies lesson designed to teach upper elementary students about the historical context in which the document was written, and why we have a Constitution. Students read an original, content-rich informational text about the Constitution. They use information in the text to create two foldables. Students then apply their knowledge to a constructed-response writing prompt in which they must cite their evidence using details in the text.

This can show ismenes POV because of her view on the state and how the state comes b4 family

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