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Robert Francis Vaughn (born November 22, 1932) is an American actor. He was drafted into the United States Army, and served as a drill Sergeant.

Acting Sergeant Jake McNiece (US Army paratrooper of the 101st Airborne Division) with warpaint and mohawk ready to drop into Normandy, June 1944. He was the leader of the Filthy Thirteen - an elite demolition unit whose exploits inspired the novel move "The Dirty Dozen"

A cheerful young German boy soldier captured near Kulmbach, Germany, on April 15, 1945. Although wearing an army uniform, he had not been issued a weapon. He was one of a group being marched to the Czechoslovak border.

I always wondered what kind of food soldiers carried in their backpacks when in combat. This photo just clarify my doubt.

The Battle of Waterloo which ended the twenty-three years' war of the first French Revolution. It was a period of violence, of tumult, of unrestingly destructive energy-a period throughout which the wealth of nations was scattered like sand, and the blood of nations lavished like water. The Battle of Waterloo quelled Napoleon Bonaparte whose genius and ambition had so long disturbed and desolated the world, deserves to be regarded by us as one of the greatest victories.

These are some American WW2 uniforms. There is a paratrooper, rifleman, radio operator and captain. I will use these uniforms and equipment to decide on the gear that i will outfit them with in the steampunk, cyberpunk and dieselpunk.