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US Army Surplus Pup Tent Complete 2 Halves Canvas Nice - for the boys:)

CONSTITUTIONALIST ARMY, 1913-20 Captain, 1st Cavalry Regiment This officer wears entirely US surplus uniform at the time of the battle of Celaya in 1915. His cork sun helmet is the US Army M1890, to which he has attached the brass crossed sabers badge of the Mexican cavalry. The tunic and breeches are from the US M1898 uniform, without shoulder straps but with rank indicated by three silver cuff stripes. His leather gaiters and boots are also from US Army stocks; his binoculars are bought…

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60’s US Army vintage canvas remake shoulder bag. I have stenciled “JAMES.D.WURL AMS-1 564605660 H56 NASN1″. Use US ARMY surplus lashing belt for shoulder strap. Use metal buckle as same as messenger bag. IND_BNP00125 W56cm H37cm D30cm Shoulder Belt 95cm(Max)

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Troops of the Constitutional Army await the assault from Pancho Villa’s troops at Agua Prieta in November, 1915. They are dressed in US Army surplus, and armed with cast-off American Krag-Jorgensen rifles. The brutal defeat the inflicted on the Villistas, while not the end of Pancho’s fight, decimated his forces forcing him to change from conventional tactics into guerilla raids. (Alejandro de Quesada Historical Archives)

We’re excited to announce the w&w x @analogshift Collaboration Watch Roll. The roll is constructed from old stock US Army surplus pup tent canvas, #Horween Natural Chromexcel leather and features a...

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