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Read about how upper lip tie is evaluated and treated.

Introducing... the maxillary labial frenulum - tips for latching a baby with upper lip tie


Our Experience with Tongue and upper Lip Tie Revision Laser Surgery on

from Cherishing Childhood

Our Journey with Lip and Tongue Tie

This is what Catherine has but we have not had it fixed yet.

from The ASHA Leader Blog

Just Flip the Lip! The Upper Lip-tie and Feeding Challenges

While many pediatric professionals are familiar with a tongue-tie, the illusive lip-tie hides in plain sight beneath the upper lip. Because I focus on feeding difficulties in children and an upper ...

from Tiny Sparks WA

Tongue Tie and Upper Lip Tie

Upper lip tie and lower lip tie, showing both the before and after.

Breastfeeding Problems | Pregnancy Videos


Mom's story of finding and correcting a lip tie. #breastfeeding