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With misaligned neck, your entire spine will alter its position in attempt to balance out the uneven gravitational pull. After you get your neck adjusted by an upper cervical chiro, YOU STILL NEED to RELAX THOSE CONTRACTED MUSCLES. Do yoga, message, right exercises. Check out youtube video I posted on this board for exercises. DO NOT rely ONLY ON upper cervical!!!!! Upper cervical only serves as a good initial method in fixing misalignment.


C1-C5 Neck Exercises

The spine has seven cervical vertebrae, located from the base of the skull to the upper back area, numbered C1 to C7. These vertebrae, smaller than other spinal vertebrae, protect and encase the spinal cord, and enable diverse head movements such as bending backward, bending forward and rotating. Exercises for C1 to C5 can increase the functioning...

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