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Up Helly Aa is Shetland's famous fire festival, celebrating the Islands Norse Heritage, on the last Tuesday of January. A Viking longboat is built and set alight in the centre of Lerwick before a night of festivities begin!

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100 things to do before you die, 1-50

Up-Helly-Aa: a series of festivals held on the Shetland Isles to mark the end of the yule season

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Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds

A new genetic map of Britain shows that there has been little movement between areas of Britain which were former tribal kingoms in Anglo-Saxon England

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Up Helly Aa in Shetland — Possibly My Best Adventure Yet!

I traveled with Haggis Adventures to the remote Shetland Islands, northeast of Scotland, to experience Up Helly Aa, the Viking Fire Festival held in Shetland every January. This may have been my best trip…EVER.

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How To See An Authentic Viking Festival And Cute Ponies In Scotland

I assume if we had lived 1,200 years ago! Well, thankfully, the age of angry and chaotic vikings has long since passed – but the tradition of “Up Helly Aa” has stayed as strong as ever! #RealEstate #LiveinScotland See more at:

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Shetland's "Up Helly Aa" Fire Festival Looks Like The Best Festival On Earth

PROUD VIKING WARRIORS. | Shetland's "Up Helly Aa" Fire Festival Looks Like The Best Festival On Earth

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PHOTOS: Incredible Images From Viking Festival

Up Helly Aa Viking Festival Celebrated In Shetland, Scotland - On my list


Up helly aa (Scotland) - On the 26th January 2016, participate in a torchlight procession to the resting spot of a viking boat. Gather around, sing a song and throw torches on the boat to set it on fire, that's Up helly aa! - Want to discover more hidden gems in Europe? All of them can be found on