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Haier and LG both off washing machines that do TWO loads at once

While Haier says its dual-drum washer is the first of its kind, LG unveiled a washing machine (pictured) with a mini-washer built into the pedestal at CES in Barcelona in January


Cartier Trinity Collection revamped for Christmas

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The British Government just officially got the most extreme spying powers ever seen

Britain's intelligence services have officially been given the "most extreme spying powers ever seen". The Investigatory Powers Act has now been given royal assent, meaning that those surveillance rules will pass into law. The bill was officially unveiled a year ago and passed through the House of Lords earlier this month, but the act of being signed off means that those powers now go into effect.

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What Would Characters From The Bible Really Look Like? Here's One Photographer's Idea

"I Am Queen." In this realm, a firstborn daughter inherits the throne over any brothers born after her. She is invested with the full rights of a king meaning she is able to pass her name and title to her firstborn child. She rules absolutely and controls the nation and military.

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Cara Delevingne hints new tattoo is related to St Vincent break-up

'At the end of it it says feral because I think I am, and it's about reinvention, shedding of old skin, new beginnings, new life': She explained the tattoo was about a new beginning

In Etruscan mythology, Leinth is the Goddess of Death, whose name means "Old Age" or "Old Woman". In art, she was portrayed with the face veiled. Leinth's name is related to many gloomy words in Etruscan, such as leine, "to die"; leinie, "dead" or "inert"; another more literal meaning of Her name is "She Who Stops". Despite Her name She is depicted as a young Goddess.

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O corpo da ansiedade

Pluto and Proserpina/Persephone 1621 Bernini. Look at his hand in her flesh. How the heck does he carve that? I mean it's ridiculous!

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Food For Thought - Chic And Unique Black Wedding Cakes

Food For Thought - Chic And Unique Black Wedding Cakes - You Mean The World To Me