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Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show

A circumhorizon arc captured in Delray Beach, Florida falls behind the dark storm cloud

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This triangular house with a glass balcony is nestled into a CLIFF

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Beautiful Biro Drawing Portraits

bic biro Drawing on a 1878 newspaper - musch more beyond/ besides information/ data - social ong

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The Awakening. If you like science and am interested about what everybody is saying is going to happen 12/21/12, you may love this documentary. I believe the world is changing, for the better. We can make it happen. It is easy. "All you really need do is to move into your heart; to realize that all that actually exists within this reality is energy consisting of nothing more than pure and unconditional love. Embrace it, become it, for it is what you are made of."

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If It's Hip, It's Here: No Room For An Aquarium? Think Again. 20 Unusual Places In Your Home For Fish Tanks.

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Origami inspired by Aldo Tolino Task: Workshop 2: Using simple folding techniques, produce a creased portrait image (colour or black and white).

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Photographer Explores The Beautiful Diversity Of Redheads Of Color

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Unconventional Engagement Rings

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