An empty hearth comes alive with an indoor garden. Arrange an array of mismatched pots, in many shapes and sizes, filled with hearty (and low-maintenance!) succulents or ferns.

18 Ways to Dress Up Your Fireplace (No Fire Necessary)

Use greenery to dress up an unused fireplace.

Dress Up an Unused Fireplace

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For summer in the fireplace add some mini lights. You can even get various size light strand lengths in solar lights so that you don't have to have any ugly power cord going into the fireplace.

Yes! I am the queen of covering up fireplaces.

15 Clever Ways to Decorate Your Non-Working Fireplace

22 unused fireplace ideas - use it as a storage space, create personal gallery, bookcase, create shelves, put a log in the fireplace etc.

Create a window in your unused fireplace

11 Fantastic Ideas for Decorating An Unused Fireplace

Fireplaces are both wonderful features and surprisingly versatile. Try one of these 10 fantastic ideas for decorating an unused fireplace and get roaring!

How to Put Your Unused Fireplace to Good Use | The Everygirl

How to Put Your Unused Fireplace to Good Use

20 Creative Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Room Cool and Chic Micoleys picks for #DIYHomeDecor

20 Creative Decorating Ideas That Will Make Your Room Cool and Chic

Creating a romantic ambiance in your family room is easy with this tealight fireplace log. The log is designed to fit inside any size fireplace. The beautiful resin tealight fireplace log holds eleven

Create a relaxed yet elegant tablescape by ruffling a neutral table runner and accenting it with small gourds, as in this dining room table from Unexpected Elegance.

22 Gorgeous Fall Vignettes To Inspire Your Seasonal Decor

Warm up a nonworking fireplace with cozy accessories such as pillow-and-throw-filled woven baskets, a plush sheepskin rug and a little branch of eucalyptus in a vase, . An added benefit: Easy access to warm blankets on cold evenings.

7 Awesome Ideas for an Unused Fireplace | Wonder Forest: Design Your Life.

7 Awesome Ideas for an Unused Fireplace

stacked wood facade-good to hide the fireplace from Leo

DIY stacked wood fireplace facade -- I actually really love this idea even if you don't have a fireplace to begin with. It'd be so simple to zazz-up a brick or stone wall with a faux fireplace to create a gorgeous feature wall.