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425 Years Ago, 115 People Disappeared In One Of America’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

The story of the Roanoke Colony, which is also famously known as the “Lost Colony,” is one of the most bizarre and fascinating ones in all of American history. Like the unsolved murder at Greystone Mansion in the 1920s, the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony is an unexplained mystery that experts are still trying to... View Article

Seven unsolved mysteries from around the world.
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Seven unsolved mysteries from around the world.

The dodder children lived in my home state WV. The whole story is so much stranger than here. Seven unsolved mysteries from around the world.

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Mystery as huge blue spherical object is captured by NASA cameras

NASA cameras capture huge blue spherical object | Daily Mail Online


18 Bizarre (And Scary) Unsolved Mysteries That May Never Get An Answer

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Great Unsolved Mysteries: The Baigong Pipes and Stones

Near the city of Delingha in China a group of archaeologists from the US discovered a series of pipes that were merged with the mountains not far from Mount Baigong. The scientists were actually searching for dinosaur fossils when they came upon the...