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Unsinkable Sam (aka Oskar/Oscar) - German ship’s cat who saw service in both the Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy during the Second World War, serving on board three vessels (the Bismarck, the HMS Cossack and the HMS Ark Royal) and surviving the sinking of all three.


Samuel Solomon Williams-fireman-died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified. His parents received financial aid from the Titanic relief fund. Sam Williams was not married but he had a young son, also called Sam. The child's mother went to court and produced affidavits from other Titanic surviving crew members saying that 'Sam Williams had been on board'; the Mansion House Fund accepted the Courts decision and paid out the appropriate pensions to the girl and the child.

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What Do People Actually Hate About You?

The Way You Dress Dogs In Ridiculous Hats! ~ What Do People Actually Hate About You? It says I'm an egomaniac, but I rarely point out my own talents. I don't like sounding boastful. So . . . *shrugs*

Sargent Stubby, first dog to fight for our country in WW1, a pit bull, it's a shame what people have done to this breed.


Unsinkable Sam is the most famous British naval mascot in history. He was rescued from three different ships when they sank.

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Titanic's Belfast launch - unseen pictures

Titanic’s departure from Belfast seen for the dock shore Photograph: National Museums Northern Ireland