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Unrequited Definition

I was perfectly okay with the way you loved, heck I had a huge head start and never expected or demanded you to catch up. I am not sure if that was one of your "fears", but it shouldn't have been.


Ouch...I got it now with the pins. Dont' judge, love by faith & be a person that God wants us to be. But purposely you chose to ignore & hurt me. I deserved an explanation & reason why you went back and I now know I've loved someone who doesn't love me back. I don't I hate you because my heart still loves you.. Never hurt this bad & hope you realize I almost rather feel hate than what I do now. I've loved you as best as I could or as you allowed. This will be my last pin ever. Promise. BABE


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Quotes to help you get over that unrequited crush

Don't rush judgment and reaction... you might regret it later on and you won't be able to fix it...!!!!

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40 Lonely Love Quotes That Hurt So Good

#13 <3 A lone figure walked towards Eternity in the distance. He opened his mind, absorbing the figure's thoughts, 'Skybridge, future, children, legacy' were a few of the words his consciousness intercepted. The figure was Damien. Eternity marveled over the sublime connection he and his friend developed over the years. Their thoughts seeming to melt together, bringing them to the same places at the same time. As Damien approached Eternity, he handed him a cigar. <3